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At Affordable Solar Tasmania we understand that each client has different requrements.  We will design a solar power system to meet your budget, roof space or energy requirements..

Solar Power Claremont
Solar Panels With Inverter

Solax Solar Power Systems

Solax X1 Inverter
Free Wifi & Free Monitoring Software
Solax has proven itself to be a reliable product at an affordable price

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Solax Hybrid Inverter

Solax Hybrid Ready Systems

Future proof your system with the Solax Hybrid Ready Inverter. 
This unit gives you the opportunity to monitor property loads over time and evaluate your energy usage patterns. To add batteries you can buy an additional Solax battery charger which slots right in.

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Solax Hybrid Ready Inverter

Solax Hybrid Systems

Get ready for batteries. The SU series of hybrid inverter includes a built-in battery manager unit. This intelligent hybrid inverter provides a full solution for energy consumers to maximize the use of their generated solar energy and minimize their energy bills.

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SMA Inverters

SMA Solar Power Systems

One of the most established respected inverter manufacturers on the market.The Sunny Home management device can be added to maximise your energy production by turning on appliaces when the sun is shining! With additional equipment battery storage options can be added at a later date. 
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Renesola Panels

ReneSola Tier One Solar Panels

When choosing a Solar Panel make sure the panel you are choosing is from a Tier One manufacturer.  There are no other Tiers. Tier One is a reating given by the American financial institution Bloomberg. Tier One is an assurance that the manufacturer has met a strict criteria. Only a small percentage of the worlds solar panel manufacturers acheive the Tier One ranking. Be very wary solar sales representatives making claims that their panel is tier 1


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